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Alltop School provides you services to walk into the successful future, and enter the gate of the universities which are among the top of the best. With our helps and services, you can build your tomorrow life with your hard work and our passion.

The material we have is systematic, detailed and problem-solving focused. The problem sets are carefully selected and skill driven.
Remember, we stay together to build the bridge to success.

  • Do you want to improve your Math or English?
  • Do you want to get highest GPA for math or English in school?
  • Do you want to get perfect score or high score in SAT?
  • Do you want to attend some math competition?
  • Have you had difficulties to search learning materials or books for any above?

If you answer "Yes" for any one of the above, we could help you in a big deal.

Summer Intensive SAT Program, Duke TIP Program and English Programs are accepting registration now. Discount deadline is extended to 04/27.

Lessons: Intensive training class for all grade level from 3rd grade to 12th grade;
         We offer varieties levels of Math training courses ranged from Arithmetic skills, Pre-algebra, Algebra I and Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus etc.
         English critical reading and writing for all grade level from 1st grade to 12th grade.
         SAT/PSAT/ACT Prep class; School curriculum related enrichment class; Math Competition Training Class

  • Our strategy is teaching, our classes are lecture based instead of watching or just assisting;
  • We have about 500 students currently learning in our school
  • Large sets of challenging and painstakingly selected problems with high quality and wide coverage for students' homework
  • Multimedia interactive teaching environment proving the students incredible learning experience
  • Strengthen students' problem solving skills, critical reading and writing skills.
  • Many of our students got SAT perfect scores; We teach strategies, skills, tactics, and students' progress are efficient and dramatic.
  • Our students went to National final competition for Mathcounts competition in the last 5 years; Our students are AMC top winners in the last 5 years, and our students have even entered USA Math Olympiad for consecutive 4 years.
Math Teacher: Dr. Chen, Math Ph.D.,
  • 18 years of classroom teaching;
  • Taught University Gifted class in China for 5 years;
  • China Mathematics Olympiad coach for 4 years;
  • Teaching math in US since 2001.
English Teachers:
    Excellent language art teachers from high-ranking high schools and middle schools, such as Northview, Chattahoochee and Johns Creek High School, and River Trail Middle School, Autrey Mill Middle School etc.
    They are currently teaching English in the high school for AP or Language Art Honor classes.

Phone Number: (404)-388-6303
Siemens Science Competition National Top Winner
  • Group Math Lessons for SAT
  • Group Math Lessons for improving school learning from Grade 4 to Grade 12
  • Group Math Lessons for intensive and challenging math from Grade 4 to Grade 12
  • Group English Lessons for SAT
  • Group English Writing Lessons for Grade 4 to Grade 12
  • Group English Reading Lessons for Grade 4 to Grade 12


Training from different level for Grade 4 to Grade 12.
Selected materials with different level which are hard to get from any bookstore.
Large quantity of homoework problems, class practice problems and examples every week
Detailed explanation
Online homework with grading results instantly
Computer based teaching environment with most efficiency.
Drastic improvement in SAT study and school learning.
Best coach and coaching materials for any national level of math competition.


Perfect score or high score in SAT, competition or regular school study
dramatic improvement for students with study difficulties


Best rate in the market.
Provide FREE assessment tests and evaluations!